Portraits that honor all of you

This kind of portrait session feels like coming home as a photographer. In 2000, I started using black and white film, and remember the mantra from my Photojournalist Professor to "shoot to print" in my head. What that meant was to try to get everything aligned so that the photographs you were creating were ready to be published.

Flash forward to 2024 and AI has entered the arena as an alternative to hiring a professional photographer for your headshot portrait or personal photos. Sure, there are lots of photographers and creatives using AI as a tool to create imagery that would otherwise cost many hours and days to create and enjoy using a new tool. And, I mean no ill will toward them. It just doesn't sit well with me and my ethics.

I am stopped by the question: What's the purpose of a photograph? If it is to connect you to a time in your life that your people (your audience, clients or family and friends) see and feel relates to you, then photography is important to honor as an art and science you experience in real time.

What I love about photography is finding that magic synchronicity between myself, the camera and tools and the person I'm photographing: giving them a safe space to show their authentic selves. That is what has inspired me to lean into offering a new portrait session package.

The All You Portrait experience provides the opportunity in my studio for us to have a conversation and for you to feel safe to show your authentic self. Working as if I were using film camera, I will only be converting your portraits into black and white photographs. Then, we will explore them together to discover which ones resonate with you the most. Those that you may want to print or share with loved ones.

This offer is new, and like all new things, I'm so excited and a little nervous! I can't wait to see who resonates with this kind of portrait experience. Yes, I do have photoshop and will be retouching for clients who want that in my other packages. But for an All You Portrait experience, we are working to honor all of you which means not removing anything. With the lovely studio lighting and a safe space, I believe you will be able to share your radiant self.

And, each session can be customized to include other people or more outfit changes. The base package is for a 90 minute experience (about 60min for photography, 30min for file review) for $600+tax. You'll receive your top favorite 20 photographs in digital format and as 4x6 prints in a keepsake box.

Contact Holli to book your All You Session