When Holli with an i was first launched, I was focused on sharing and selling art photography at art walks and craft fairs.

As my work has evolved, I took a break to focus on my business photography side at - and it's exciting to bring that experience back to this space. I've got studio equipment ready to roll and safety processes in place to work with people more creatively.

Holli standing with mask on in studio set up

The Why

Family and the legacy that photographs provide are foundation to why I continue to create.

The year 2021 really sparked that deep well of gratitude for family and legacy type photographs I have and treasure.

My family helps support my passion by dreaming big with me, and being willing to jump into an array of ideas I envision like this family portrait, a composite image. This was created with each portrait put together in Photoshop. It really took the whole family to get each cat to look the right way toward the light!

Inspired Origins

Holli with an i is the creative way I grew up introducing myself to new teachers!

Born and raised in West Seattle, I have always had a keen eye for photography and found inspiration in both nature and art from museum galleries to street art to the fine art my mother or other relatives have created.

Through Holli with an i Portraits, I strive to create images you will be love and want to print large, and use to adorn your walls!

How do you wish to be photographed?